Lord Sananda
. For those wanting to check-out of the planet, know that even at this times of  despair, there is a reason for you being here, remain patient. “This too shall pass” always remember that.
. Begin to let go of animal flesh.
. Begin to eat more prana energy from the sun.. Al;ow yourself to have “positive thoughts” on a daily basis, be on the moment, be on the now.
. In many respects, We know you better than you know yourselves.
. It is up to each of you, to continue surrounding yourselves with people, animals, nature, trees of higher vibrations.
. Don’t forget to ground yourselves.
. You are in those final moments my friends that you and us have been waiting for. Make these moments the best of you life!
. Continue to anchor the light and then share it whenever possible.

Master One Who Serves / Master Soshana
. You are all important, more than you know.
. Eventually is not as far away as you think.
. Once you have access to the replicators, there will be no need for money.
. You will be able to adjust your bodies accordingly.
. “The plan” fluctuates depending on the collective consciousness of the galaxy, not just this planet.
. Remain neutral as much as you can.
. Do not be “who you were”, be the one that you are in higher-dimensions.